2nd loser in women’s cable worlds


So Anna is just finished 3rd at the worlds @ C.W.C

Follow: Anna how did you go?

Anna: I got third in traditional cable. Then they rescheduled finals for features to this morning at 5:30am which is a complete joke and I missed it. I don’t know why they would schedule a final for so early in the morning after the Halloween night party. So I finished 4th in features

Follow: Did you not make the heat ?

Anna: ummmm no comment

Follow: So a lot of people throw around the claim that they are a pro wake boarder, Are you? Or do you still have a job to continue traveling and paying to do the sport you love?

Anna: I’d say I am but I do also have two other jobs to help support my wake board career.

Follow: So juggling a work life and life style choice to ride, is easy as, right?

Anna:It’s not as easy as it sounds, I work my ass off but it’s totally worth it.

Follow: Is this your first pro event

Anna: No, I’ve been competing in pro events for about a year and a half now.

Follow: Any other sponsors apart from follow

Anna: Yeah, I’ve got Konex Cable systems, just picked up Byerly and this little Aussie swim suit company called “Yeah tie dye”

Follow: We heard there was a hectic storm before they could finish the event?

Anna: Yeah, they had to shut it down and reschedule for 5am the next morning… ugh

Follow: How was the Halloween party? Shit get hectic?

Anna: It was pretty gnarly haha people got weird.

Follow: Any other plans moving forward? Where can we see you cutting laps next?

Anna: I’m going to be in the phillies for a bit longer, then maybe Australia again or Thailand. Maybe spend some time at Valdosta too.

Follow: Did you start riding boat? When’s the comeback ?

Anna: Yeah I did, my brother was a pro Wake boarder for awhile. I grew up around boat. I’d definitely wanna make a comeback though.